Aseptic /Pharmaceutical/Beverage Filling Systems
Compact monoblock designs to fill, insert rubber stoppers, and crimp pharmaceutical vials & label. Isolation barriers or restricted access barriers can be configured to be integrated to the platform.

Feeding/Pre feeding Systems
Capmatic® has designed and delivered a variety of supporting equipment for diverse liquid, tablet, and powder packaging applications. These systems (see below) are designed to improve the efficiency of packaging lines.

  • Bottle and Cap Unscramblers
  • Infeed / Accumulation Turntables
  • Bi-Flow Buffering Tables
  • Bottle Air Rinse Systems
  • Desiccant Inserting Units
  • Cotton Insertion Systems


    Tablet filling lines
    Capmatic manufactures many types of equipment needed to build a complete tablet packaging solution. The tablet line can include and integrate the counting machine, checkweigher, or induction sealer of your choice. By using the monoblock technologies and integrating Capmatic's standard equipment required for your project onto a single or multiple bases, these lines are designed to dramatically down size the floor space.

    Speed: up to 400 BPM*

    Powder filling lines
    AMS Filling Systems has earned its outstanding reputation by manufacturing a full line of quality engineered and ruggedly built auger filling systems. The fillers are available as either volumetric or gravimetric systems.

    Both start as single head semi-automatics and progress to multiple head automatics. Our diversity covers a wide range of filling applications from small companies just starting to automate on up to large production facilities running at hundreds of containers per minute. Customers come to AMS looking for the support that they can not find elsewhere. Having found continued quality support, our customers come back to AMS as their needs change and businesses grow.

    Liquid filling systems
    Capmatic® Pharma Line of equipment are designed to fill, place stoppers (partial or full insert), and crimp a wide range of containers, including microtubes and vials. These equipment range from sequential indexing system to high-speed rotary monoblocks.

    Capmatic's equipment are built to be in compliance with cGMP, EU and FDA standards. These machines are designed with a slim profile to facilitate the integration of Laminar Air Flow (LAF) system, Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS), Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), and isolation barrier.

    The Pharma Line offers numerous options.

    Speed: up to 450 BPM*

    Labeling Systems
    Capmatic's labeling systems (LabelStar ® ) are versatile to adapt to changes in market demands. These systems can be con?gured to place labels on front, side, back, top, bottom, or panels. Capmatic's labelers are designed to meet current GMP? requirements and to facilitate fast and easy setup.

    Capmatic's labeling systems are ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. - Printer: Hot Stamp | Thermal Transfer | Inkjet | Laser Coding
  • Bottle and Cap Unscramblers
  • Infeed / Accumulation Turntables
  • Bi-Flow Buffering Tables


    Plugging /Capping Systems
    Capmatic® manufactures a wide range of capping equipment to handle plastic, metal, and glass containers. Unique to the packaging industry, Capmatic® plugging and capping equipment can be designed as inline, indexing or high-speed rotary systems Capmatic® provides an assortment of capping systems:
  • Inline Belt-Torquing Cappers
  • Single and Double Chuck Cappers
  • Snap-on Pluggers
  • Crimp / R.O.P.P. Cappers
  • Explosion Proof / Explosion-resistance

  • Each machine can be configured to operate with pneumatic (A), mechanical (M), and servo-driven (S) technologies and handle caps ranging from 10 mm to 110 mm in diameter, including ones with pump sprays, trigger sprays, and custom design.

    Speed up to 600 BPM*

    Tablet counters
    Capmatic® electronic tablet counters are fully integratable into many production operations. The counters are designed to improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) by incorporating features to reduce change-over time, ease operational access, and minimize foot-print.

    Applications: Tablet Counting and Filling
    Speed: Up to 240 BPM*

    Automatic Quality Inspection System
    The Sentinel Modular Inspection System brings a new level of quality control to your packaging line. This versatile system can inspect various packaging features such as cap, cotton, label or leaflet with a multitude of container sizes and closure types.

    The Sentinel is easily integrated into an existing packaging line and was designed to be placed either at the end of a line or immediately after a specific piece of equipment.

    Product recovery
    Bottle Recoverx 1040Debottling Machine
    A closed-frame solid dose product recovery system which separates product, desiccant and cotton into bins. Its design allows the operator to automatically recover product from containers of various shapes and sizes at speeds up to 40 BPM.