Aseptic Transfers & Sampling


Automed offers Aseptic transfer and sampling solutions for powder for pharmaceutical & Food production processes.

Aseptisafe – Split butterfly valves:

Aseptic transfer valves


Aseptic transfer valves offer improved sterility assurance in the aseptic processing of sterile API and final powder product. Together with small components for fill/finish applications.

  • Handling sensitive ingredients and components in aseptic processing
  • Simple in process sterilization
  • High containment performance for hazardous products


  • Contained filling and emptying for all production processes.
  • Processes
  • Vessel Charging
  • Isolator / RABS filling and dispensing
  • Dryer discharge
  • Autoclave – component load/unloading
  • Transfer to filling Line


  • Bulk Powders
  • Intermediates
  • Active Ingredients
  • Components e.g. stoppers
  • Toxic/potent mater

Achieving sterile transfers in Grade B / C areas – Using AseptiSafe BIO VALVE:

Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs):

The The OptimaTS rapid transfer system is a patented design. The OptimaTS design takes rapid transfer technology to a new level of performance. The Cape rapid transfer system is fully compatible with the La Calhène DPTE range of alpha and beta flanges including the injection moulded consumable flange.

The OptimaTS alpha ports have the same fixing diameters as DPTE alpha ports.


The OptimaTS security mechanism is fully interlocked with the following automatic functions:



  • The alpha port cannot be opened without a beta part connected.
  • The alpha port cannot be opened if a beta flange is docked without the beta door.
  • The beta cannot be detached from the alpha door whilst the alpha door is open.
  • The alpha and beta doors are mechanically locked together when the beta is connected and the alpha door open.
  • It is impossible to “cheat” the interlocks from the outside of the enclosure.
  • Improved reliability of mechanical interlocks by the use of rotating parts only.
  • No parts moving parallel to the axis of the alpha flange so no fragile membranes are used for sealing the security mechanism.
  • Standardised design. The OptimaTS security mechanism is standard for all the Cape ports with the use of the same parts on different diameters.
  • Ergonomic design of Alpha door handle for easily operation when wearing neoprene or hypalon gloves.
  • Careful choice of materials for all components for minimum weight and optimum mechanical reliability.


Sterile sampling:


A sample valve developed for taking samples in a sterile way, its special configuration assures effective cleaning (CIP) and sterilization (with pure steam) of product contact surface, valve and seating plug when the valve is in closed position.


Fully autoclavable, available in the manual version or with a pneumatic actuator, both easily interchangeable, and featuring a stainless steel ferrule, AR sampling valves show a compact design allowing an easy installation on even small vessels or process lines.