Employee Profile:

Automed has a dedicated team of professionals who are working towards making true the vision of Automed to become the most respected Process Automation company in the country. Our Marketing and technical teams are drawn from the best Universities of the country and are mainly Post graduates in Science, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering graduates. All our employees are trained at our partner’s international locations and factories and are put through a stringent training at our own LABS.

At Automed we have put together a competency modeling program that clearly identifies levels of competence in our people and have a clear road map to achieve bench mark levels as they progress in their career in Automed.

We have strict policies for overall organizational development and have a defined internal auditing systems to assess and improve organizational efficiency.

Technical competency map:

Over the last 15 years Automed has developed knowledge and expertise in Containment Technology, QC Microbiology, Rapid microbiology, Water microbiology, Virology, Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Cell based assays, Toxicology studies, Bio analytical products, Pharmaceutical microbiology, Cell and tissue culture engineering, fermentation process, Process optimization techniques, Automation and validation of microbiology processes, Validation and compliance management, Aseptic practices and Validation, Pharmaceutical packaging and packaging validation.

Engineering Apabilities:

Automed is the only organization in India today which offers Integrated asset management services, this involves, asset management, critical rating analysis, service management and vendor management capabilities.

As an organization that prides in marketing emerging technologies, Automed has a team of extremely capable engineers who not only understand the instrumentation but also the regulatory framework in which most of these technologies would be implemented. All our engineers are factory trained and have successfully implemented Rapid Microbiology equipments in a FDA environment, Installed and commissioned Flow cytometry based RMM tools in an industrial environment for product release. The team also has extensive experience in commissioning process oriented systems including Roller Systems, Filling Lines, Large Incubators, Steam Sterilizers and washing Systems. We have successfully installed and validated isolators for FDA approved Pharma plants.

We have a well trained calibration engineers and certified internal auditors amongst our engineering teams

Customer Service Teams:

We have a dedicated operation to handle customer service issues and have a proactive program to measure and improve customer service ratings and this is an ISO audited process.

Logistics and Warehousing:

We have a dedicated logistics and warehousing team, with a dedicated warehouse for consumables and instruments . Our warehouse is equipped to handle temperature sensitive samples and have a monitoring systems that track the condition of our perishable stock.

Geographic area served:

We have a network of sales offices across the country and we serve customers in over 35 cities in India and also neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.