Containment and Aseptic-Valves

ChargePoint® Pharmasafe™

Powder containment valves offering the highest levels of containment performance to assure the safe handling of potent API, intermediates and pharmaceutical formulations.

ChargePoint® PharmaSafe™ Plus

An economic upgrade to higher performance as a retrofit to existing installations or as a modular unit in facilities with multiple ChargePoint® valves. This extraction ring device comprises of a circular plenum arrangement which couples to the active unit and is connected to an extraction source. During the operation process the extraction process is run to ensure that any airborne particulate is safely taken into the extracted air stream.

ChargePoint® PharmaSafe™ Excel

Advanced performance to low nanogram levels in a compact efficient split valve. It incorporates purge and extract connections to the Active Unit. During the undocking step a sealed gap is created between the Active and Passive interface. A purge and extraction process is run to remove traces of particles that can potentially become airborne once the valve is fully undocked.

ChargePoint® AseptiSafe™

ChargePoint AseptiSafe® aseptic transfer valves offer increased sterility assurance when handling sensitive ingredients and small components in fill/finish aseptic processing and biotech sterile API production.

  • Optimise product quality with increased sterility assurance
  • Simple in process sterilisation
  • High containment performance for hazardous products

Chargepoint® AseptisafeBIO®

Can eliminate the need to construct large high air class control areas in new facilities. Optimized Biodecontamination Cycle. Ideal for lower grade cleanrooms to reduce the costs associated with the construction, validation and management of large clean areas. Autoclave or/and SIP & Biodecontamination gas. Single or multiple batch transfers. Suitable for continuous process.


The contained transfer of API’s from process to process now easier than ever with the cost effective ChargeBag®. The crevice free design and anti static materials ensure a free flowing transfer. The transparent materials of construction allow operators to see how material is transferring. In addition the robust yet flexible liner allows physical manipulation of difficult to handle product, thus maximising the yield from each transfer.


Each ChargeBottle is profiled with the optimal cone shape to ensure good flow. Utilising a translucent polypropylene ChargeBottle allows for visual confirmation of complete product charge. When handling difficult products, additional means can be provided either with a Vibratory collar or by utilising a pressure rated ChargeBottle with flushing capability.