Material Handling

EHS introduces the Material Transfer Station – an innovative modular system for weighing and transferring API and other batch ingredients while maintaining high levels of containment. Visit the Material Transfer Station product page to learn more about the product and visit the videos page to view the system in operation.

Contained drum to drum transfer:

The high containment with integrated weighing material transfer station is designed for highly contained, closed transfers for highly toxic products and API’s. Containment levels down to 1 µg/mᵌ can be achieved via the integrated flexible isolation system this configuration is set to use the integrate load cell system for weigh and dispense transfers. The scale is rated up to 150KG.

Drum tipping & inverting:

Drum Tipper:

EHS has developed a patented Drum Tipper to address the ergonomic risk factors associated with manually dumping drums. Each system is tailored from a core production design to meet the specific requirements of the application.

Drum Inverter:

EHS Drum Inverter features a very robust and portable design that allows operators to lift and position drums above tall applications. Custom options on the drum inverter allow it to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

The EHS Drum Inverter design allows for a significant degree of operator freedom. The compression funnel design holds the drum in place as It is lifted to the application height, inverted via a hydraulic rotary actuator and pushed into the discharge position by the operator.

Bag lifting and contained reactor charging:

Vacuum based lifting – Professional lifting equipment for industry:

ALVAC Industry develops and manufactures lifting equipment for industrial uses worldwide. We manufacture tailor-made solutions for e.g. the food industry, the furniture industry and the steel industry, as well as for storage and logistics.

Professional lifting equipment enables you to spare your employees for inappropriate lifting and movement. This not only improves job satisfaction, but also increases productivity.

A tailor-made lifting module from ALVAC can handle all kinds of items – from small, simple devices to big, heavy and cumbersome items. We primarily develop lifting systems using vacuum technology.