Process control Valves

Inflatable Seal Filling, Dosing And Weighing System:

The use of this system is very simple and efficient as once the working cycle of the dryer is finished the operator places the system below the discharge outlet of the drier and through the adapter connects the system to the machine, at this point the system is ready to be used.

The operator places the drum with the bag on the scale and by means of the manual control valve deflates the ring and without the aid of any tool wraps the bag around the discharging pipe. Once the bag is in place he manually inflates the ring again by means of the control valve blocking the bag to the pipe, thus starting the product filling and dosing.

The inflatable / deflatable ring dosing system:

The Inflatable / Deflatable ring Dosing System, allows the operator to lock the bag (already placed inside the container) and to perform the unloading of the product as long as the weight is not reached. Once the weight is reached the operator by the control panel unlocks the bag and the operator can proceed to close it. The working cycle of this system is similar to the Continuous Liner Discharging System, but the closing of the bag is done manually by the operator once it has finished unloading. On this type of system, a dust suction system can be installed which further reduces operator contact with the product.