RFID Based Glove Testing

Automated glove testing:

Easy, Autonomous, Customizable, Modular and Wireless: these unique five features combine to make AGLTS the most advanced GMP compliant glove integrity testing system for isolators and RABs in the pharmaceutical industry, developed in compliancy to the international standard ISO 14644-7 Annex E5.


A user-friendly interface allows the operator to control the testing unit through basic and intuitive commands. The real-time system status can be presented to the supervisor by means of the available control station.


AGLTS requires no external piping and compressed air: all the essential equipment’s are integrated into the testing device, and powered by a long durable Lithium battery.


The custom-designed glove port adaptor allows AGLTS to suit every kind of glove ports. Including yours!


The integrated AGLTS can be upgraded to any number of testing units for a faster parallel performance. Each glove is recognized by means of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology.


Data can be sent to a control station via TCP/IP-based wireless transmission protocol.