GMP Sterilizers:

The GMP sterilizer for the pharmaceutical industry is oriented toward meeting the precise needs of customers.

PST Steam Sterilizers:

The PST 6050 sterilizers are designed for the sterilization of solid and porous products like filters, sealings, empty containers, textiles and clothing, rubber stoppers, machine and system components. Swiss made, high-quality materials, first-rate components from renowned manufacturers, a cGMP-compliant design and production guarantee processes which are reliable and reproducible.

PST Hot Water Shower Sterilizers:

The PST 6080 sterilizers use the hot-water shower method, ideal for large-volume liquids (LVP) in sealed containers. This method guarantees the shortest batch time for the highest production capacity. State-of-the-art process equipment and Belimed experience stand for high, precise pressure and temperature control for safe and gentile product sterilization.

Laboratory Sterilizers:

Belimed laboratory sterilizers are suitable for processing liquids, solid and porous materials, and deactivating lab waste.

LST-V Sterilizers:

The LST-V sets standards in terms of ease of operation, innovation, versatility and small footprint while meeting all safety categories (bio-safety level) from BSL1 to BSL4 and conforms to the device groups A, B, C, D1, D2 and E1 classified in DIN 58951-2

LST-H Sterilizers:

Our horizontal door sterilizers, with chamber volumes from 300-9200 liters, meet all safety categories (bio-safety level) from BSL1 to BSL4. The design conforms to the device groups A, B, C, D1, D2 and E1 classified in DIN 58951-2. Our long-standing proven sterilization processes and programs ensure reproducible processes, match the corresponding sterilization goods and are GLP-compliant.


Belimed provides the best accessories needed for complete sterilization. Specialized equipment for loading & unloading of materials.

Frontloading Autoclaves:


33-63 Litre Benchtop Autoclaves:

Astell’s front loading Benchtop autoclaves require no plumbing, and operate from a standard single phase power supply. They are available in different chamber sizes with two filling options idea for pharmaceutical application.

120-344 Litre Frontload Autoclaves:

The Swiftlockrange has increased chamber sizes compared to the range and features advanced options not available on the smaller autoclaves, including Heated Jackets, Integral Steam Generators and Simple/Advanced Vacuum Options.

Toploading & square section Autoclaves:


95-135 Litre Toploading Autoclaves:

As well as increased chamber sizes compared to the Compact range, the Top Loading range features advanced options not available on smaller autoclaves, including Heated Jackets, Integral Steam Generators and Simple/Advanced Vacuum Options.

Square Section Autoclaves:

The Astell Scientific ‘E-Range’ features all of the extras expected from the Astell range including the 5.7″ full colour touch screen, multiple programs and options for different loads, but it has been designed to bridge the gap between the circular chamber autoclaves and the high end square chambers. The ‘E-Range’ is specifically designed for the customer who has greater sterilizing needs but have a tight budget.


GMP Single Chamber washers:

Belimed’s single-chamber washers designed for life science applications provide high-end, GMP-compliant cleaning.

PH 810 Compact Washers:

The PH 810 cleaning system is the most compact pharmaceutical cleaning system in its class. Designed for cleaning relatively small pieces of pharmaceutical equipment and glass items, it is specially suited for pharmaceutical production, research laboratories and pharmacies with high quality demands in terms of cleaning results and cost-effectiveness.

PH820/PH840/PH860 Parts Washers:

The cleaning systems PH 820.2, 840.2 and 860.2 have been specifically designed for pharmaceutical processes and provide a range of chamber volumes loading capacities. With its greater length, the PH 860.2 is equipped with two wash arms, top and bottom. The overlapping rotation ensures gap-free spray coverage.

GMP Large Scale Washers:

WD 750 Industrial Washers:

The WD 750 Industry floor-loading, large-scale cleaning machine was developed specifically for cleaning and drying large, non-critical items used in pharmaceutical production, food industry or cosmetics industry.

PH 880 Bin Washers:

The PH 880.2 is designed as a cleaning system for containers, drums, pallets and other large vessels. The tailored operational sequences for professional pharmaceutical processes ensure and efficient throughput of oversized items.

Customized Wash Racks:

When sensitive washing items and high level cleaning requirements need to be reached, Belimed pays particular attention to its racks. Fully developed customized solutions guarantee high quality results without spray shadows and with complete drying. The washing items can be optimally positioned even with complex sizes, configurations, fittings or pump components with cavities or bores. Belimed has unique experience and highly flexible washer racks, resulting in technologically-advanced rack solutions.

Laboratory Washers:

Belimed reprocessing systems offer user-friendly, safe, cost-effective and efficient reprocessing of laboratory items.