Handling Hazardous powder – Charging reactors

Addition of hazardous powder into reactor has always been a challenge. They are complicated and dangerous, presence of solvents adds to the explosive environment within the reactor.

The addition of dry solids introduces the risk of static discharge and entrained oxygen which completes the highly dangerous fire triangle and could lead to a major deflagration event at the manway.

Our inerting systems provide effective control to reduce and maintain oxygen concentrations during the solids charging process. The dual rate injection system is adjustable and can be integrated with an oxygen level sensor to provide a precise control system.

The AUTOMED Manway inserting Purge Hopper facilitates the addition of large quantities of powders or other solids through vessel manway openings along with a Nitrogen purge.

This design can be configured to facilitate the safe charging of bag stock, bulk sacks, or drums into reactors including glass lined ones.