Aero Mechanical conveyors

The Aero-Mec Conveying is one of the most reliable ways to convey material in a dust free and clean way. This type of conveyor is designed and custom-built to meet a variety of applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

A significant feature of Aero Mechanical Conveyors is their ability to convey materials at any angle between 0° and 90° without loss of capacity, which means their range of configurations is limitless. This enables the widest choice of system layout options, using standard components, to optimize available floor space.


The AMC is a tubular design in which a wire rope assembly with evenly spaced polyurethane discs move at high speed. The rope assembly runs in specially designed sprockets at each end of the conveyor. The action of the rope assembly travelling at high speed creates an air stream running at the same velocity. As the material is fed into the airstream, it is fluidized and conveyed to the outlet where it is centrifugally ejected.

  • Small Foot Print with High Throughput
  • Minimum Residue And Highly Cleanable
  • Low Operational Expenditure
  • Highly customisable
  • Suitable for a wide range of powder and granules.