Bins, Hoppers & Charge Bottles

IBC bins

The IBC bins are custom designed to meet various powder handling requirements, Bins can be designed to meet various volume needs right from 150L to 1000lts. The bins can be designed for handling by lifting and placing devices, hoist, forklift, or manual moving operation. The IBC bins are designed after a complete study of the powder flowability characteristics and a optimum slope is designed to ensure maximum discharge of powder from the BIN.


Hoppers – Hoppers are typically square or rectangular in shape with an open top for loading purposes. Loading devices such as a front-end loader are used to deposit bulk materials in a hopper.


Stainless Clamp Top Bottles are ideal for storing and transporting powders and liquids. The high quality crevice free finish makes these containers ideal for the most demanding of applications. Available from stock in 3 sizes – 250, 500 and 1000ml. These containers are both powder and water tight.

The lid design is a 2” tri ferrule that conforms to BS4825-3. Other configurations are also available.