AseptiSafe® Sterile Transfer Valves

AseptiSafe® range of transfer valves offers optimised product quality with increased sterility assurance, a simple in-process sterilisation and high containment performance for hazardous products

Product Overview

Aseptic powder transfer valves offer increased sterility assurance when handling sensitive ingredients and small components in fill/finish aseptic processing and biotech sterile API production.

The AseptiSafe® range provides multiple benefits to the user and the product process including

  • Maintaining critical area integrity
  • Removing the need for high air class control areas and cumbersome PPE
  • Toxic powder processing whilst ensuring the safety of your personnel and a dust free environment
  • Maximising yield transfer for poorly flowing and high value product

Several alternative methods of sterilising the AseptiSafe® valve contact and sealing faces are available to meet the critical area and process set-up requirements of our customers.


  • Sterilisation method: autoclave or/and SIP (steam in place)
  • Offers a simple upgrade to GMP requirements in existing or new facilities
  • SIP prior to material transfer
  • Ideal for installation in higher grade cleanrooms with Isolator/RABS or existing LAF or other higher air class control systems

AseptiSafe® pro

Sterilisation method: SIP/ISO5 HEPA LAF

  • In-board ports direct clean Grade A air directly across the valve interface
  • Remote filter/fan unit supplies air to the terminal HEPA filter positioned next to the valve interface
  • Can be used for high containment dust control with dust particulate collected from the second port and returned to air filtration in a closed loop system

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