Contained Drum to Drum transfer

Designed for contained drum to drum powder transfer integrating drum tipper and flexible isolators this unique design offer dust free drum handling.

The Powder operator workstation with the integrated drum tipper provides a compact, GMP, ergonomic means of transferring material.

The Station with an integrated Containment system is designed for highly contained, closed transfers for highly toxic products and APIs. Containment levels of less than 1 µg/m3 can be achieved via the rigid glovebox.

With an integrated PTS (powder transfer system ) we can provide closed transfer to another vessel or a reactor, when an inerting system is added, you get a complete system that is ergonomic, contained and safe.


The Material Transfer Station with Open Containment has several benefits when implemented in the manufacturing process:

  • Ergonomic Product Transfer
  • Quick Deployment
  • Limited Cleaning Time
  • Modular Design
  • Customizable Glovebag
  • Portable Dispensing Suite
  • Containment (<1 µg/m3)
  • Small Footprint