Containers for Contained Powder handling

The PuroVaso® system has been developed to provide effective solutions for the handling of powders, granules, tablets and capsules in the life science manufacturing processes.

The PuroVaso® pharma container has been meticulously developed using our experience of powder handling and our knowledge of the challenges facing small handling solutions.

From 1 litre to 50 litre with five further sizes in-between, PuroVaso® offers the largest range of plastic container sizes available. No need to compromise on the container size, just select the volume that matches your batch size.

A square bottle geometry, which maximises facility space and reduces equipment stack-up heights. The smarter use of the pharma container geometry reduces storage and transportation costs.

The PuroVaso® pharma container is available in a wide choice of PE materials. An anti-static ‘Opaque White’ allows the visualisation of the fill level within the plastic container. An anti-static ‘Pure White’ provides a UV protection for light sensitive materials that may be stored and transported within the pharma process bottle.

The PuroVaso® process bottle can also be supplied in a ‘Conductive Black’ PE plastic for ATEX and static sensitive applications.

The materials are suitable for sterilisation by gamma irradiated.


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