Containment Isolators

OUR RIGID CONTAINMENT ISOLATORS… have been designed for handling potent compounds that can offer guaranteed levels of operator protection as low as 10ng/m3 (task duration). These include designs for sampling, dispensing and sub-division, mixing, milling and vessel charging, as well as containing integrated process devices such as filter dryer units, tablet press enclosures, blenders, mills and pack off systems.

Our promise: from Design to Delivery

  1. Design: We generate conceptual designs based upon proven solutions, before finally compiling product specifications, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and working schematics (P&IDs).
  2. Mock up: We can create full scale, mock–ups which take into account ancillary equipment and manipulation devices. The client review follows, at which stage any necessary modifications are made.
  3. Manufacturing: Manufactured in high quality stainless or other alloy steels the Isolator fabrications are formed, welded and polished to exacting standards and client requirements.
  4. Factory Acceptance Testing: Only when the equipment is fully built and fully tested to design parameters is it exposed to a range of tests and standard operating procedures (SOPs). These can include, internal & external surface swabbing, dust in air monitoring, and full scale operational tests of performance, all being performed within our controlled test environment.

Design Advantages

  • Ergonomic design
  • Extract Technology PharmportTM Glove Port
  • Multiple chambers
  • Drum/product manipulation devices
  • Inflatable seals
  • Safe change “push-push” filters
  • Closed loop control system
  • Integration of proprietary contained transfer detail e.g. RTP, SBVs etc.
  • Controlled environment re: temperature, humidity and oxygen content
  • Fully integrated WIP/CIP clean systems including wash lances, rotary spray balls and solvent atomizing devices
  • Raise/lower systems > Dispensing equipment including scales, displays, printers and dispensing management systems

The Containment Isolator is designed to not only provide a physical barrier between the operator and the product but to also provide a controlled environment, negatively pressurised with an atmospheric condition or a reduced oxygen content using an inert gas.

To maximise both operator and equipment interfaces 3D modelling and full scale mock–ups are used extensively to facilitate the best understanding possible of the pharmaceutical process and the operators involvement whilst ensuring high levels of containment are achieved.

Automed also offers installation, commissioning and IQ/OQ validation and containment testing by our fully trained engineers to ensure the system fully conforms to your requirements. To complete the package, our dedicated Aftersales department will supply total support.

Range of Isolators

Dispensing and Sub-division

Extract Technology dispensing and sub-division isolators are suitable for both large and small scale operations. They provide operator, environment and product protection, and facilitate both the loading and unloading of products which require containment. They enable bulk and process container product transfer, feature integrated weighing systems, and afford low OEL protection. They are available in a range of versions, giving transfer from differing bulk containers into FIBCs, drums, process vessels, bags or liners.

Sampling Isolators

Extract Technology Sampling Isolators are ideal for use in warehouse or production areas. They provide low OEL protection and can be used in both positive and negative environments. A range of options are available, including contained sample removal and multi-chamber protection.

Charging and Formulation

Extract Technology Charging Isolators enable the manual charging of product by weight or volume. Auto product feed to weight systems with contained bulk container load/unloading is possible for use on either same floor process or multi floor charging systems. You can choose from a number of product transfer configurations from a range of vessels into IBC’s, FIBCs, drums, reactors, vessels, sacks or bags, all with the option of safe empty drum “bag out” removal system.

Process Offloading Isolators

Extracts Technology Pack Off Isolators allows you to precisely offload to weight, whilst providing product, operator and environment protection. Creating a physical barrier between the operator and product these units are capable of handling some of the most potent pharmaceutical compounds. Two chamber pack off isolators incorporate automated in-feed and out-feed conveyors, product control, inserting system and product sampler. Product pack-off isolators accommodate multi drum sizes and continuous liner facilities.

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