Drum Conditioner

Powders have compounding property and powder kept in drums and bags harden.

The AUTOMED Drum Conditioner provides a safe and reliable means of conditioning hardened products within drums and bags. The breakup of the hardened product allows for easier product flow out of drums later in the manufacturing process. Safety, containment, and productivity are all addressed with this simple to use the machine.

The Drum Conditioner utilizes two hydraulic actuators to provide up to 7000 lbs of force to the sides of the drum to condition even the hardest of materials.

The Drum Conditioner has several benefits when implemented in the manufacturing process:

  • Automated/Repeatable Conditioning
  • Improves Material Transfer Efficiency
  • Easy to Clean
  • Simple Controls
  • Conditions All Parts of Drum
  • Customization for Any Drum Type/Size
  • Load Capacity 440 lbs [200 kg]
  • Maximum Drum Size 24 inches [610 mm] diameter, 40 inches [1,000mm] height

Higher Throughput Capacity Option

  • For continuous conditioning of a single drum type, a conveyor can be integrated with a drum conditioning frame in order to simultaneously condition multiple drum.
  • Features multiple hydraulically powered conditioning arms to carry out the simultaneous conditioning of multiple drums at different heights.
  • An integrated powered conveyor system allows for high drum throughput without operator intervention.
  • Conditioning sequence is customized for each specific drum type and is controlled by a PLC with touchscreen HMI.
  • Different drum types can be programmed to work with the conveyor and drum conditioning system.