Drum Tippers

Automed drum tippers are designed to move and tilt drums or IBC bins or Bags, to charge reactors, fill hoppers, Charge tablet coaters amongst other varied applications. We customize it for dispensing applications, discharging powders, tablets, or pellets. Automed drum tippers are also integrated into our isolators where contained sampling is needed. We have customized our tippers for contained drum to drum transfers with flexible isolators Built for GMP standards, by integrating our vibratory attachments, even the most challenging powders are completely discharged. These can be customized for variable heights, with and without wheels and you can choose between, pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic types for your use. Automed Drum Tippers have a unique advantage that they can be designed as stand alone Rigid or Mobile Systems. They can also be designed to be of a fixed height or a Variable Height. Designed to Handle drums of various sizes, the system consists of a sliding Cradle to ensure that the feeding edge is as close as possible to the charging Port.

Standard Specifications

  • Load Capacity: up to 350 kg can be customised for higher weights loads
  • Discharge Height customized per application up to 66 inches [1675 mm] these can be custom built to suit applications
  • Discharge Angle 30 degrees past horizontal
  • Telescopic units available for higher height
  • Material of Construction: 304 or 316 stainless steel GMP Surface Finish
  • Non-Product Contact Area: 35 µin [0.89 µm] Ra with smooth welds as laid
  • Utility Electric: 480 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
  • Units with Pneumatic and Electric (Battery) driven models also available.
  • Available ATEX rated models available
  • Customisable Drum Size: 24 inches [610 mm] diameter, 36 inches [920mm] height can be adjusted
Drum Tippers