Flexible Isolators

ONFAB’s range of flexible weighing and dispensing isolators provide high levels of containment at the most crucial stage of potent processing. The flexible isolator will allow an OEB 4 and OEB 5 containment performance when the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) is at its most concentrated.

The system can be used with the full range of containment split valves and active passive split valve for product bag charging, or with a simple product container and BIBO (Bag In Bag Out port).

With bespoke designs to provide many different environmental conditions, you can ensure your product processing specification and GMP compliance are achieved. The range of flexible weighing and dispensing isolators allows the weighing of product to below gram level accuracy. Users also benefit from a reduction in cleaning and cleaning validation, meaning multiple products can be weighed quickly and effectively.

Key Features
  • Short lead times
  • Nanogram containment performance
  • Mobile
  • Simple installation
  • Cost effective containment
  • Easy to use

Containment standards

Flexible containment solutions to protect people and product up to OEB 6

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