Helping with Powder caking

A lot of materials are susceptible to changes with time that may lead to bulk powder caking, resulting in an unmanageable powder and process downtime, which impacts upon profitability. By definition, powder caking may be viewed as the detrimental aggregation of particles, which transforms a readily free-flowing powder into a coherent solid.

The amount of caked material can vary from large lumps, which willingly break up when stressed, to the irreversible fusion of particles that are no longer representative of the original material.

Automed drum & bag conditioning solutions, solve this issue for our customers by gently conditioning the bags and drums in which the powder is stored and break down the aggregation to enable a better flow of powder, with our lump breaker valves integrated into our custom designed hoppers, we solve powder caking and aggregation issues.

The Automed Bag & drum lump breaker / Conditioner is designed to break up aggregated powder cakes packaged in drums or bags.

We use custom designed powder conditioning arms and a rotating platform to gently break up the powder inside the bags and drums without damaging them.

The force applied by the arms can be programmed and can be customized to the level of aggregation of your powder.

Integrating this with our PTS system and a custom designed hopper with a lump breaker adds to your productivity.

powder-caking-aggregation powder-caking-aggregation powder-caking-aggregation