API Material handling applications

Typical API production facilities have various types of material handling requirements.

Handling FIBC bags, IBC bins, charging reactors, Mills, blenders or filling the final product into Bags or FIBC in dosed weights. Whatever the challenge in the API plant, Automed material handling team has you covered.

If you work with HpAPI, Automed will customise our handling solutions to meet OEL5 containment levels by integrating drum invertors and Tippers into isolators and by using split butterfly valves and customised powder transfer systems PTS to meet your requirements.

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Bulk Bag Unloading Station

Bulk bags can be an efficient and cost-effective supply source for incoming raw materials and transfer of intermediates. However, bulk bags can introduce many material handling challenges that can be mitigated with proper engineering and design configurations. Proper safety interlocks, bulk bag conditioning, transfer chute connections, product sizing, and bag collapsing are all common challenges that must be considered when designing a bulk bag unloading station. AUTOMED offers a well-designed modular system that can be configured to your process.

Loading & Unloading of V-Blender

Lifting and dumping drum or bag stock into the opening of a V-Blender is a difficult task that can expose the operator to high levels of airborne dust and create awkward lifting postures that can lead to operator injury.

Material Column Lifter

Raw material supplies and batch kits often need to be delivered to a mezzanine level for the manufacturing process.

AUTOMED can supply a customized, high capacity material lift to deliver products between manufacturing levels.

The AUTOMED Material Lift is designed to match the size, weight, and required elevation of the load to be raised. These GMP compliant machines are designed with multiple safety interlocks to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of materials to the mezzanine level of production facilities.