OEL 5 containment using split butterfly valves in an OSD line

ChargePoint’s containment solutions provide a reduced risk of cross contamination via closed transfers, ensure the safety of your personnel and provide a dust free environment when processing toxic powders and high potent APIs in your formulation lines.

Our ChargePoint PharmaSafe® containment solutions can also maximise the yield of poorly flowing, high value products whilst removing the requirement for high air class control areas and cumbersome PPE.

ChargePoint Technology’s products have been providing proven dust particulate containment performance during critical powder transfers for the biopharma, pharma, and chemical process industries for over 10 years.

The containment performance of ChargePoint PharmaSafe® split butterfly valves has been independently validated by customers and third-parties according to the ISPE SMEPAC (Standardised Measurement of Equipment Particulate Airborne Contamination) guidelines.

The validated performance value levels of the containment provided by the ChargePoint PharmaSafe® valve range is up to OEB5/<0.1ug/m3.

oel-5 oel-5-containment-2 oel-5-containment-4 oel-5-containment-5